The SAHM survival guide

One meal plan at a time

I feel this topic will be broken up into parts since there’s so much we as moms need to get through the day with our little one. Here is one of the tips that I find helps my day go a little easier. Sometimes I find myself reminiscing on my life before my little one was born. Which makes me realize all that I took for granted. Naps without any interruptions are past tense and grabbing just my purse to leave the house is out the window. What I find the most difficult task to complete is finding time to eat. Most days I don’t realize I haven’t eaten until I hear the loudest growl. I panic thinking it’s my baby to realize it’s me. Finally, I take myself into the kitchen to find something that doesn’t require too many steps since the little one is still up and wants to play with mommy, and the only thing that jumps out at me is a PB&J (will do I guess). Then I decide that maybe I would wait until nap time, and then I would be able to have some peace and enjoy my meal (guess again). By the time I decide what I want to make, cook it, plate it, and sit down. The baby is waking up right when I have the fork in mid-air to take my first bite. Furthermore, I decided meal planning breakfast, lunch and dinner would be best for me while my fiancé is away at work. I always thought that this was useful for only working moms during their work week. But I find it useful as well. The days when my fiancé is off from work, I find time to prepare our meals. This is unbelievably convenient. My plan consists of making meals for the days up until my fiancé’s next day off and rotate from there. I keep the meals in storage containers to stay organized. This routine works for me but you can always find ways to come up with a plan that fits your lifestyle. Happy planning!

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