Co-Sleeping transition

From my bed to yours

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I’m­­ currently in the transition of getting my daughter to sleep in her own bed. Some nights I can successfully get her to sleep in her crib for a few hours of the night then bring her in bed with me, but we mostly co-sleep. I was thinking of ways I can make this process easier, like something that would hold her attention while she’s in her bed. Coming to the conclusion that episodes of Sesame Street playing throughout the night wouldn’t cut it anymore I started to do a little online shopping. I came across this amazing rotating projector light. The multi-color changing light is every babies dream and gives her something fun to look while she’s in her crib. The light comes with four changeable films and many light changing options.

The overall design is the shape of a rose bud.  You also have the option of using it as a night-light,  with its hard light option if you didn’t want the 360-degree projection.

This is a great investment; it’s inexpensive and so cute. My baby loves it and it has been extremely helpful with our transition from co-sleeping. Click here to buy your own projector light.

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